Fielding's Wood Grill

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there's nothing like the smell of wood grill

Welcome to Fielding's WOOD GRILL

At Fielding’s we utilize as much local, all natural and organic products as is possible. We hand cut, grind and patty our burgers every day. Our sauces, bread, dressings and ice cream or gelatos are made in house by our culinary team. We cure our own bacon using sea salt, herbes de Provence, and paprika and smoke it in our rotisserie over Texas pecan and oak woods.

Our beef, both the burgers and the steaks, is sourced from 44 Farms. The 44 Farms ranch is located just outside of Cameron in central Texas by the Little River. Founded by S.W. McClaren (1869-1941), 44 Farms has been a family-owned and operated ranch since 1909. The ranch produces 100% purebred, registered, Black Angus cattle. All the cattle is hormone, antibiotic, steroid-free and vegetarian fed. 

Fielding’s chicken is supplied by Springer Mountain Farms from the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The chicken is free-range, 100% all natural with no antibiotics, no growth stimulants or hormones, and are never fed animal by-products… the chicken only receive a vegetarian diet with natural vitamins and minerals and fresh mountain water.

OUR energy-efficient Space

Our restaurant was built using as many repurposed and energy efficient materials as possible. The wood is antique oak and was reclaimed and recycled from a hay barn built in 1930 in Seymour Missouri, and a corn crib barn built in 1928 in Iowa City, Iowa. Both were abandoned and in a dilapidated condition. The woods were transported to Peculiar, Missouri where all the metals were removed, rough sawn, kiln dried and then custom-milled for the original Fielding’s Wood Grill in The Woodlands, Texas.

The concrete bar, iPad counter, and bathroom sinks are made from reclaimed concrete sourced in Atlanta, Georgia. The material is made with heat tempered glass that was rejected for its original intended purpose (test tubes and Petri dishes), and concrete that has been reclaimed, stripped of impurities, and then rebalanced, shaped and colored for our project.

Along with developing a warm and inviting space, energy conservation was a focus in the design of Fielding’s Wood Grill. The majority of lights throughout the space, both in the dining room and the kitchen, are LEDs. The heating and air conditioning system are energy efficient and use environmentally-friendly coolants; the entire system is governed by an energy management system, as is the hood system over the cooking line. We use flow-through water heaters to minimize the waste of holding hot water. The grill itself only uses wood as its energy source; no gas and no electricity are used to cook on our custom grill and rotisserie.