Fielding's Wood Grill


National Filet Mignon Weeks

Thursday, August 11 - Wednesday, August 24


National Filet Mignon Day is Saturday, August 13th and we're celebrating Fielding's style! Enjoy the finest cut the cow has to offer all week! 

From the kitchen

Tacos Al Carbon
4oz filet |  Salsa verde, pickled onions, crema, flour tortillas 29

Filet Frites Board
4oz. 29 | 6oz. 48 | 8oz. 62

  • Au poivre sauce or Maitre D’ butter
  • Truffle parmesan Shoestring Potatoes
  • Little ranch green salad

From the Bar

Blackberry Bourbon Sidecar
Fielding’s Woodford Reserve barrel #4, Blackberries, Cointreau, pressed lemon, cane syrup, fresh thyme

Sweet Cherry Manhattan
Angels Envy rye bourbon, sweet vermouth, Sweet cherries, cane syrup, Angostura bitters, orange peel

The Ginger Buck
Basil Hayden bourbon, pressed lime, ginger paste, cane syrup, fresh rosemary, candied ginger

Taylor Old Fashioned
E.H. Taylor bourbon, vanilla simple syurp, Angostura & orange biters, maraschino cherry brûléed orange, ice rock

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