Fielding's Wood Grill


National Tequila Day Starting July 24

Celebrate National Tequila Day All Week!

Wednesday July 24 is National Tequila Day, and we'll be celebrating with a special tequila and margarita menu all month (July 24 - August 21). Come enjoy this marvelous liquor that is a staple in our Texas culture. 


Grapefruit Blackberry Margarita
Sauza Blue tequila. Aperol. Pressed grapefruit & lime juice. Organic Agave. Blackberries. Tajin rim $10

Millionaire’s Rita
Herradura Anejo tequila. Grand Marnier liqueur. Pressed lime. Organic agave. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. Up $16

Sauza Blue tequila. Fresh pressed lime juice. Organic agave. Squirt grapefruit soda. Tall & rocks $8

Oaxaca Old Fashioned
Hornitos Reposado. Organic agave. Orange & angostura bitters. Phat ice $16

Jalisco Jalapeño Cucumber Martini
Sauza Blue tequila. Pressed lime. Organic agave. Jalapeño. Cucumber. Orange juice cube $14

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