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Vodka Season is Here!

Introducing our new Vodka Menu!

Join us this Fall as we continue to celebrate spirits. Vodka month will feature 10 excellent vodkas and 6 cocktails. Come learn about vodka, mix and match to make your own cocktail, or enjoy one of our handcrafted drinks.

History of Vodka

Vodka or BoAka is a diminutive form of the Russian word for water. It was coined in the late 19th century by the famous Russian chemist Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev.

The alcohol used in vodka is traditionally distilled from wheat or rye. Modern vodkas are distilled from potatoes, corn, sugar cane, beet roots, grapes, vegetables, fruits, practically anything that ferment.

Once prized to flavorless and colorless, now the opposite intoxicates the market.

Is it Medicinal?

We’re not doctors, but we googled this: Many Russians ascribe medicinal, almost supernatural qualities to vodka. Parents soak cotton balls in vodka and dab them on children to bring down a fever or ease an earache. Vodka with pepper is prescribed for an adult cold; vodka with salt is for an upset stomach. Some nuclear scientist even drank it protect themselves from radiation poisoning.


Spirits Selection

Beluga Goldline

This is the best we’ve found. Strength combined with a soft taste. Made with pure Siberian spring water.

Boisset Truffle Vodka

Périgord truffle-infused vodka distilled from a Pinot Noir and Chardonnay base grown in Burgundy’s Côte d’Or.

Stoli Elit

Uses a patented ‘freeze-filtration’ technique to produce an ultra-clean vodka of unparalleled purity.

Absolut Elyx

Winter wheat from southern Sweden. This handmade vodka is made in a vintage copper column still from 1921.


“Green” vodka made from glacial water and distilled using sustainable energy from geothermal heat.

Hangar 1 Rose

A blend of Hangar 1 vodka and California rose wine. Silky and soft, with notes of berry and wood, and a crisp acidity.


Distilled 10 times & triple filtered. Pure and crisp on the nose. The fresh and clean taste finishes with hint of soft vanilla.

Dripping Springs

Texas made. Pristine and smooth with earthy notes. Well-rounded white-pepper heat & faint almond sweetness. Dry.

House Barrel-Aged Vodka

Aged in new white oak in our restaurant. This vodka has picked up the oak flavor and will remind you of bourbon.

Featured Cocktails

Barrel-Aged Vesper Martini

House barrel-aged Finlandia. Cocchi Americano. Malfy con Limon Gin. Orange Bitters.

JCB Gold Truffle Martini

JCB Truffle Vodka. Shaved black fall truffles. Noilly Prat dry French vermouth. Castelvetrano olive & brine. Grana Padano cheese. Gold leaf.

Blue Lavender Mule

Dripping Springs Vodka. Blueberry lavender gastrique. Pressed Lemon. Q ginger beer.

Rosey cheeks

Hangar 1 Rosé. Grand Marnier Peach Raspberry. Pressed Lemon. Cane syrup. Raspberry.

Lemon PinEapple French 75

Lemon peel and dried pineapple infused Absolute Elyx vodka. Pressed lemon. Cane syrup. Prosecco.

Berry Blast

Mixed berry infused Wheatly Vodka. Steen’s tea syrup. Pressed Lemon. Cranberry Juice. Q Soda Water.


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