Fielding's Wood Grill

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Vodka Season is Here!

Come celebrate Vodka All week!

 Thursday September 28 - Wednesday, October 4

Vodka week menu will feature 5 amazing cocktails to celebrate National Vodka Day on Wednesday, October 4th. 



Strawberry Basil Smash 
Blackland vodka, grapefruit juice, strawberry syrup, honey, strawberries, fresh basil, brûlée strawberry, Topo Chico 16 

Orange Honey 
Chopin vodka, fresh pressed orange juice, spiced honey syrup, mint syrup, orange bitters, fresh mint, orange peel 16 

Fig Mule 
Reyka vodka, spiced maple syrup, fig syrup, apple juice, pressed lemon, fig, fresh basil, Q ginger beer 16 

Falling Pear 
Dripping Springs vodka, St-Germain elderflower liqueur, Mathilde Poire liqueur, pear syrup, spiced honey syrup, pressed lemon Topo Chico, pear slices & baby’s breath 14 

Deep Eddy cranberry vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, cranberry simple syrup, orange twist, half sugar rim 12

History of Vodka

Vodka or BoAka is a diminutive form of the Russian word for water. It was coined in the late 19th century by the famous Russian chemist Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev.

The alcohol used in vodka is traditionally distilled from wheat or rye. Modern vodkas are distilled from potatoes, corn, sugar cane, beet roots, grapes, vegetables, fruits, practically anything that ferment.

Once prized to flavorless and colorless, now the opposite intoxicates the market.

Is it Medicinal?

We’re not doctors, but we googled this: Many Russians ascribe medicinal, almost supernatural qualities to vodka. Parents soak cotton balls in vodka and dab them on children to bring down a fever or ease an earache. Vodka with pepper is prescribed for an adult cold; vodka with salt is for an upset stomach. Some nuclear scientist even drank it protect themselves from radiation poisoning.